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Ca-Rio-Ca Swimwear

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Ca-Rio-Ca Swimwear

CA-­RIO­-CA Sunga Co. is a brand new lineup of cool and stylish men’s designer swimwear that is designed by Brazilians. Swimwear that gives you style of Rio de Janeiro native, like a carioca from Ipanema Beach.

Each piece of  CA-­RIO­-CA Sunga Co. beachwear for men is exclusively made in Rio de Janiero, Brasil for you to experience what it means, and feels, to be Brazilian.

CA­-RIO­-CA Sunga Co. swimwear is not just a seasonal fashion. It is an authentic look on the beach, to surf, play soccer, enjoy the sun, listen to your favorite music, party on the streets, go for a run, and ride your bike.

We give you a Brazilian passion—a concept full of traditions and attitude.

Our collection embodies the spirit and energy of Rio de Janeiro, and our swimwear is handmade in Ipanema Beach.  We are proud to offer our consumers a distinctive line of swimwear that complements the male physique without being overly revealing.

It’s simpatico.

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